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Binsa was founded in May 1983 by three entrepreneurs. It began as an industrial supply company that provided services to hydraulic and pneumatic companies in Barcelona and its surroundings. As time went by and thanks to the reinvestment of benefits, the company expanded and became highly specialized in the field of the oil-hydraulics. Nowadays, Binsa is the most vertically integrated company in the Spain’s supply chain. That is to say, that by maintaining industrial supply, we have continuously grown in the distribution of hydraulic products (connections and components) and in the manufacture of hydraulic solutions.

Binsa is a specialized commercial company in the field of oil-hydraulics. Our entire organization is based on our customer’s needs, trying to go beyond the simple sale or distribution of hydraulic products. Ours slogan says: "If there is oil, there is BINSA”.

Our values are:
   - Quality in products and services
   - Flexibility with the needs of our customers
   - Vocation to customer service
   - To create a climate of confidence, in both, the company and the market.
   - Humility
In order to offer the best possible service in the market our Company is structured into three Divisions based on the profile and needs of our customers. All our Divisions sell hydraulic products, however, if we know the reasons of purchase we can add to our standard products an even better service through complementary assessment.
These are our three Divisions:

Industrial Supply
This Division is structured to serve the industry of Barcelona and its surrounding. It has a highly skilled staff with great experience in repairing all types of oil-hydraulic and pneumatic machinery.
Moreover, from our facilities in Molins de Rei we can provide the industry with all type of tools, working clothes, electrical equipment, etc. In short... a TOTAL service to the industry. This multifaceted division also holds the representation of the great Swiss mark of lubrication ABNOX in Spain.

We serve from this Division all type of hydraulic equipment to the Spanish industrial supply chain, the South of France, as well as manufacturers of any kind of machinery who require hydraulic products. We also have the widest catalogue and stock of hydraulic material in Europe and we exclusively represent the leading manufacturers in this field such as: Bucher, Atos, Stucchi, MHA, Vincke, Ciesse, MP Filtri...
All this allows us to provide a service that 89% of our costumers qualify as excellent.

Solutions / Manufacturing
Finally, the Solutions Division provides service to all manufacturers of machines that require assistance in oil-hydraulics for the development of their projects. We manufacture any type of hydraulic unit they may need. The lack of skilled professionals in this field in Spain is precisely the highlight of this division, where the performance and movements of your machine is no longer potential source of problems.
We also have a Common Services area that supports our Divisions. This area is made up of: Logistics, Computing, Administration / Finances and Quality Control. In these departments we possess the very best professionals in the sector.
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