Terms and conditions

The conditions established between the Client and Binsa are binding unless both parties agree to any change or explicit modification.


Any  order received  either by phone, fax, e-mail, post or by  our commercial agents shall be  governed by Binsa’s Terms of Sale.

Minimum invoice   50 euros.

Products out of Binsa’s catalogue   shall be paid  30%  in advance once the order has been confirmed and cancellation of the same is not permitted.


The products and brands supplied by Binsa are subject to market variations. Binsa therefore reserves the right to make any modifications it deems necessary to guarantee the technical and economic viability of its products and assemblies.

Binsa strongly recommends that its clients get in touch with either the Sales or Technical Department (depending on their requirements) when placing an order, in order to clear up any doubts they may have.

All of the technical specifications for the products may be subject to changes, which would be made known with due notice.


The valid prices are those stated on the date of the receipt of your order.

Binsa reserves the right make any modification in prices.


If the client pays the freight costs, then Binsa’s liability ends once the merchandise is handed over to the transport company. If we cover shipping costs, then Binsa is responsible for the shipment until it is delivered to the client.

The client has a maximum period of 24 hours after delivery in which to lodge any claims with Binsa, this is the maximum period accepted by transport companies.

Terms of payment

The Client is obliged to comply with the conditions established between both parties.

Any change or modification  shall be agreed between the parties.

Until  the invoice is  paid in full Binsa is the owner of the goods.

Payments by  confirming  or  by promissory note shall be received at Binsa  within 30 days of the invoice date.

If a  payment  is not received by  its due date, Binsa shall have the right to charge a default interest rate.


All Binsa products come with a six-month guarantee, beginning from the moment the client receives delivery of the goods; products that were designed and assembled by Binsa have a 12-month guarantee.

The guarantee will always be provided on the Binsa premises.

Binsa will not accept any charges for defective products within the guarantee. If said defect is verified, the material will be replaced. Once the guarantee period has ended, Binsa will study the case.


All costs incurred in the return of goods for any  reason beyond Binsa’s responsibility  shall be paid by the Client.

We do not accept any return of goods  without Binsa prior authorization and subsequent verification.

If Binsa is responsible for paying the return shipping costs  it shall only be allowed to return the items by means of  a transport agency authorized by Binsa.

We shall not accept any return  of non standard   items.

If the return is not   attributable to  Binsa we shall apply   a minimum  15% depreciation  fee of the total amount of the returned goods.

We shall not accept any return of goods 30 days after their  reception by the Client.

As far as possible, please send your  requests for the  return of goods to our e-mail: devoluciones@binsa.es.

Governing Law

Any dispute that may arise between the parties shall  be settled in the Courts of Barcelona.